It's been a few months in the making, but we're STOKED to announce our updated core range, packaged in newly branded tinnies! Here's everything you need to know about the branding of the cans, the beer inside and the launch dates! 



Everyday Ale

Easy Drinking Australian Pale Ale

This super sessionable Aussie Pale Ale is a beer for enjoying everywhere, anytime. The crisp, light malt profile is complemented by aromatic tropical fruit and citrus notes courtesy of Australian Galaxy and American Cascade hops.

ABV 4.2%

IBU 32

Release: Core Range, available all year round

Availability: On tap, growler fills & tinnies



Crisp & Refreshing Lager

A crisp and clean Pilsner style lager; brought into the new world with the addition of Aussie Vic Secret hops. Ultra refreshing and perfectly balanced, complemented by subtle passionfruit and citrus hop characters. Don’t think too hard, just enjoy.

ABV 4.2%

IBU 25 

Release: Core Range, available all year round

Availability: On tap, growler fills & tinnies


India Pale Ale

Hoppy & Well Balanced West Coast IPA

A vibrant American West Coast IPA that’s big on flavour but balanced enough to drink all day. Massive tropical fruit and citrus notes from multiple hop additions are supported by a smooth but firm bitterness and a clean, dry finish

ABV 6.0%

IBU 55 

Release: Core Range, available all year round

Availability: On tap, growler fills & tinnies


Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Dry & Refreshing Sour Ale

This ridiculously refreshing beer (formerly known as Sourpuss) is our take on the classic Berliner Weisse style. Bursting with bright raspberry flavours, balanced by zippy tartness and a crisp, dry finish. It’s Summer in a glass (or straight from the can).

ABV 3.8%

IBU 10 

Release: Core Range, available all year round

Availability: On tap, growler fills & tinnies



The range will be launching in bottle shops across NSW, ACT and VIC on Friday, 12 October, as well as QLD on Thursday, 18 October. 

As well as bottle shop tastings and introductory offers, Wayward are partnering with venues across three states to throw launch parties in celebration of the new tinnies: 

Where? Public House Petersham
When? Saturday 13th October
What? $5 tinnies, pop-up Wayward beer garden, games, DJ's and food specials. 

Where? Carwyn Cellars
When? Friday 12th October 
What? $5 tinnies, bottle shop tastings and Wayward seasonal releases on tap.

Where? Tippler's Tap
When? Thursday 18th October 
What? $6 tinnies, Wayward seasonal releases on tap and food specials including wings served with Raspberry Berliner Weisse hot sauce. 

A full list of stockists will be available on the Wayward Facebook page this Friday 12 October at 12pm. 


This decision to move in to cans gave us an opportunity to look closely at the beers in our core range, as well as refreshing our brand, giving our beers an updated look. We looked at our faithful core of the last 3 years, plus what has worked in our seasonal/one-off/bar only releases, and decided that we were missing a few opportunities. The beer market has changed drastically (as well as the palate of the consumer/publican), and we felt the beers that once filled these core lines so perfectly needed to be changed. 

The new core range omits some current favourites: Camperdown One, Charmer, FUSAMI and Keller Instinct. We're yet to decide whether Camperdown One and Charmer will join the rest of our line-up in tinnies, but in the meantime they will be available in bottles and kegs as usual. We love these beers, and Camperdown One is especially central to our local community and those who drink it. 


The beers that have left our full time core will not disappear forever; we've shared too many great memories to retire them indefinitely and plan to release them seasonally.


Another interesting thing about our product strategy is we’re changing our seasonal releases from quarterly to monthly, packaged in 640ml long necks. That’s where all of the more esoteric beers are coming up and although we're remaining tight lipped for now, we can say it promises to be an exciting line-up of old favourites and brand new beers.


Our cans were designed to stay true to the Wayward brand, depicting adventure and travel whilst honouring the bright colours of the former branding. Our new tagline, 'Beer for the Adventurous Spirit', aims to pave the way.

We commissioned our illustrations from local artist Rohan Carter, who created a custom style for us and did a great job with a limited colour palette. Our in
-house team taking care of the graphic design work and layout, with each new can design representing a different travel scene, reminiscent in style to a vintage travel poster - with a Wayward twist of course!