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When the battle begins, the King is sleeping in his Castle, so he won't be assisting the other two Towers unless, one of the Towers is destroyed and if the King's Tower is attacked. Once he is awake, the King will start using his cannon against the rivals.


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It depends on your play style. All of them work well if you practice and become good with them. Lava Hound is air beatdown, Giant and Golem are ground. Graveyard and P.E.K.K.A. are rare win conditions in beatdown decks that can also be effective.

This game is highly compatible with both the android and iOS smartphones so that both can download and play it.

You cannot just win with having the perfect strategy. You also need a good deck. People who have the best decks can often win even when they are not using the best strategies. Sometimes the most expensive decks can carry you to the win. If you want to get units, then keep the balance as mentioned above. Don’t just invest in the most expensive unit but don’t just get cheap units either. Get fast units along with some anti-air units. Use your gameplay style to choose your units. If you’re an aggressive player, then choose faster units and if you’re using a defensive strategy then choose tank units that can withstand heavy damage. You can choose a mix of both if you want to have a balanced strategy.

Yes, in the old days, there were lots of bugs and weird thing you could do, but I especially remember this one. In one game, it started off normally. You know how if you crack a device screen sometimes it has a weird color where you cracked it? Something like that appeared next to both of our king castles. Every time he placed one of his troops, it would somehow appear at the other line. It wouldn’t work for me, and I’m sure it wasn’t lag because I had a stable connection and I could visually see the troops walk into the “portal” and appear on my side. To this day, I can’t figure out if it was

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Clash Royale for Android is a mixture of tower defense and the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft card game. Fighting is done with a card and the center is divided by a river. The fighters can get to the other side via two bridges. Each player has three towers which must be defended. If the main tower is destroyed, the game is lost.

It’s another way to gain more resources, such as cards and gold. When you get the opportunity, take advantage of it. Your King’s Level must be at least 8 to participate in Clan Wars. It shouldn’t take you more than a month of consistent, mediocre play.

It is one of the best CR private servers that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has a number of unique features, including access to all game cards, infinite money and other resources, and the ability to create cards according to the player's needs and preferences. It's a free private server that's simple to set up.

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In Clash Royale, you can actually improve your troops by using gold. You can upgrade your favorite troops to a better level by using gold after reaching a certain level. If you want to improve your troops and units but don’t have an idea on which one to improve then follow the simple tips below.

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The Barracks spawns Barbarians, Goblin Hut spawns Spear Goblins, Furnace hatches Fire Spirits, and Tombstone raises Skeletons.

Determining the bait strategy of your opponents will help predict their win conditions. At the same time, it’ll be easier to assign the right counters to them. You’ll find that some decks have bait cards in them, and you’ll want to know what these are to know what counters to use. So it’s important to be wary of your opponent’s strategy as it could defeat your strategy.

In draft challenge, there are no meta decks, that you’re trained to play against. You don’t know what to expect from your opponent except for the cards you gave them. It is better to play safe, wait for them to make a first move. Try to understand your opponent’s strategy and card-cycle. If you drafted a bad deck, try doing something different and unusual. You can surprise push on the other side to get some free damage or even a tower in the game.

Imagine taking offense to what cards someone uses…

7. Valkyrie - It's very useful for the skeleton army and has great life. I also use it by itself against a tower because it does quite a lot of damage. (4 elixir).

Clash Royale is a popular tower defence strategy game that is available on Android and iOS for quite some time now. The game is made by Supercell, the same game development company that gave us Clash of Clans. While the characters used for Clash Royale are similar to the previous game, the gameplay is completely different. Clash Royale combines card games, tower defence, and multiplayer online battles, to offer a unique experience.

Question to you: Which units have you improved?

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Hit the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win trophies, crowns, and glory in the Arena. Form a clan to share cards and build your own battle community.

Juega tus cartas en el momento justo y derrumba las torres de las princesas y del rey enemigos en una partida frenética y estratégica.

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Including a range of archers, ground troops, flying enemies and items which can be thrown is vital to winning matches. Every card has a weakness, so making sure you have a counter to it will really help.

Seeing what cards are being used online is a smart way to find out what new cards you should be looking for, or what strategies you should try out. The higher arenas have more variety of battle decks and strong cards that can be obtained.

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The June 2018 update added the emote deck, allowing players to use up to eight emotes from their emote collection. Players start with four free King emotes, but they can purchase more from the shop or special challenges.

If you memorize the elixir cost of a certain card and the elixir rate, you will have a sense if something is wrong.

It's a big risk battling without a damage-causing spell. It leaves you wide-open to an opponent that likes to rush with low-hitpoint troops. Early on, you'll definitely want to roll with Arrows or Fireball, but as your card collection grows, you might be more inclined to use Zap, Goblin Barrel or Rocket instead. Either way, you'll want to be prepared in case your opponent tries to overrun you with hordes, or to slow a counter-attack. It's also important to have a way to consistently deal damage to the opponent's Crown Tower. If you've rushes have weakened their Crown Tower, and you just need to get in one more blow, you're able to cycle through your cards, get that spell and, potentially, clinch the match.

Every card in the game either has a counter, or comes at a high enough cost that it can only be used in certain situations. This is true for most units; countering spells is tough, but they’re also only supplemental abilities and limit the number of units and attack vectors that a player has. That’s not to say that everything is perfectly balanced, but that nothing in Clash Royale is an instant-win trump card.

This Elixir Golem Sparky Rage deck will have you wanting to wash your hands and completely sterilize your phone! It is a [...]

- Zap (use it as arrows, but to get an elixer advantage)

I was sitting next to wifi and I just started on a match.

And about that freezing spell, I use it for everything. Perfect placement (and after waiting a few seconds and being risky) paid off as you can see above. I waited longer than I should have for the enemy to drop a troop to take out my balloon, then dropped the freeze. Stopping the tower and Witch both at once, and giving my balloon time to take an entire tower. Think ahead, be methodical, take your time, and use spells as a surprise to your advantage. Spells like the Lightning can also deal that last bit of damage as the clock winds down or in overtime to get a win.

What are some random facts about Clash Royale?

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Players on the Master Royale private server have infinite Elixir and Gold, which will make them fall in love with it. Players can easily customize their cards and compete in friendly challenges or 1v1 and 2v2 battles against their friends. The app is simple to install and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

You get 5 deck slots, but usually using and mastering 2 decks is the optimal; one for the ladder matches and one for the challenges. In challenges, there is a card level limit, so you can build your deck more freely, and there are decks, that are specialized to this gamemode (e.g. Golem Beatdown, what is hard to upgrade in ladder because of the epic cards, but it's perfect for challenges! At the moment, this deck has more chance to win a game than other cards.) Don't change your deck too often, because you have to practice the combos.

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If you need a clan, well, we have a forum thread where you can find some clans with fellow TouchArcade readers to play with.

Building that all-around perfect Clash Royale deck is a tedious and an often stressful task. I’ve been using this deck throughout a few arenas now and, through trial-and-error,

Sudden Death Challenge info and tips to get 9 wins.

4. Zap - I use this because it's very low elixir cost and can kill the skeleton army and nearly kill the minions/minion horde. (2 elixir).

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