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In addition to being low sugar and low carb, our Raspberry Berliner Weisse texted as "Gluten Undetected" in an independent test by the Australian Government's National Measurement Institute.
Since our Raspberry Berliner Weisse is made with products that contain gluten, we are unable to legally say that it is "Gluten Free". In order to get the "Gluten Undetected" result, we've used a "product called Brewers Clarex. Brewers Clarex is an enzyme which is used to stabilise and clarify beer as part of the brewing process, however, it also has the added benefit of breaking down the gluten proteins in finished beers so that they are no longer recognised as gluten by the body. It does not impact flavour or aroma in any way. 
The reports are available to read here: Wayward NMI Reports

We still recommend approaching with caution if you are Gluten Intolerent or Coeliac, and make no claims as to the definite suitability of our Raspberry Berliner Weisse for people with these sensitivities, but we have had numerous Gluten Intolerant and Coeliac customers who have reported to us that they have been able to enjoy our Raspberry Berliner Weisse with no issues. We would also encourage any Gluten Intolerent or Coeliacs to read up further on Brewers Clarex and how it works to help you make an informed choice. 
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