our gluten reduced beers

You may have heard through the hop vine that our core range beers are "Gluten Reduced". We'd like to officially address this by confirming that many of our canned beers (Everyday Ale, Pilsner, Raspberry Berliner Weisse and India Pale Ale) and their counterparts on tap are "Gluten Reduced" using a product called Brewers Clarex™, which has been a part of our brewing process in all of these beers since we launched them last October. Brewers Clarex is an enzyme which is used to stabilise and clarify beer as part of the brewing process, however, it also has the added benefit of breaking down the gluten proteins in the finished beer so that they are no longer recognised as gluten by the body, without impacting flavour or aroma in any way. We can't legally call beers produced using the enzyme Gluten Free (nor would we wish to claim that they are) as they are still made using grains that contain gluten, but we have had our core range independently tested by the Australian Government's National Measurement Institute and the majority came back as "Gluten Undetected", with only our Pilsner registering gluten at under 5 parts per million. For context, the international standard for gluten presence in "gluten free" products is anything less than 20 parts per million.

The reports are available to read here: Wayward NMI Reports

It is important that we state that our beers have been fermented or distilled from a grain that contains gluten; the gluten content of our beers cannot be verified; and our products may contain gluten.

We still recommend approaching with caution if you are Gluten Intolerent or Coeliac, and make no claims as to the definite suitability of our beers for people with these sensitivities. We would also encourage any Gluten Intolerent or Coeliac beer lovers to read up further on Brewers Clarex and how it works to help you make an informed choice. 
Some more information can be found here: www.dsm.com/markets/food-specialties/en/products/beverage/brewers-clarex.html