It's high time to celebrate — GABS is back for 2021! As part of the longstanding tradition of brewing something weird and wonderful just for the occasion, the Wayward brew team brings you Sourade: a Blueberry Gose that's inspired by the popular sports drinks. It's an electric blue sour ale that's refreshingly tart and packed with electrolytes and big berry flavour. It'll keep you going through the many, many beer sessions to come.

Grab a taste of Sourade at GABS Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and keep an eye out for tinnies of the stuff — available in bottle shops and venues across Australia this June. While you wait, here's what Head Brewer Shaun Blissett has to say about this insanely blue drink.

We heard you came up with the idea for Sourade after one too many GABS hangovers. Is that true?

"Ha! It's somewhat true. The idea did come from attending so many GABS festivals and Melbourne Good Beer Weeks over the years, and desperately needing something that can help you bounce back after last night's debauchery. But with the typically big beers and crazy flavours going around, there was never that option.

So, for the return of GABS in 2021, I thought we should finally make a beer that is designed to refresh, and, as well as it can, hydrate. Sourade was born. It's different, it's super blue, and it's very GABS. We hope it'll help our punters make it through all of the GABS sessions and surrounding beer events happening over the coming weeks."

What makes Sourade such a great recovery beer?

"It's a blueberry gose, so it's a little sour, a little salty and very light and refreshing. It honestly tastes just like a recovery drink. To get those classic blue drink vibes from it, we needed a fruit that would work with the gose base. So we sat down with our flavour consultant and tried heaps of different berries — including raspberry, winter berry, mixed berries, you name it — and blueberry was the clear winner.

Similar to a sports drink, this beer is actually a source of electrolytes as well, thanks to the added salt that's used to achieve the gose style. But to be clear, it's still a beer, so don't expect too much hydration from it."

How did you pull off that electric blue colour?

"There were a few hurtles. First off, beer is naturally hazy, and malts and