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Aqua Lupa

What is Aqua Lupa?

Aqua Lupa is a craft-brewed sparkling hop water, delicately infused with natural tropical flavors and enriched with functional ingredients including electrolytes, vitamins, and nootropics to power your day.

Unique Brewing Process

Unlike ordinary flavored sparkling water, Aqua Lupa is naturally brewed using a unique process that brings out the natural fruitiness of the hops used, making Aqua Lupa not only tastier but also healthier. Fun fact, the name “Lupa” refers to “Lupulin,” the active flavor compound in hops.

Why Hop Water?

Hop water is a sparkling water flavored with hops and other natural ingredients. Aqua Lupa stands out as a hop water, offering a unique, tropical flavour without any alcohol, carbohydrates or calories. This makes it an ideal choice for those watching their weight, avoiding alcohol or gluten, or simply wanting to enjoy a refreshing drink without the buzz.

Zero Alcohol, All Fun

Unlike non-alcoholic beer, which still contains 0.5% ABV, Aqua Lupa is completely alcohol-free, making it suitable for pregnant women and anyone avoiding alcohol. It’s perfect for social occasions where non-alcoholic beer might be consumed but without the calories and carbs.

Functional Benefits

Aqua Lupa is more than just a refreshing drink. It’s a functional water, enhanced with:

    •    Electrolytes: Keep hydrated and energized.
   •    L-Theanine: Promote relaxation and focus.
   •    Vitamins B6 and B12: Support energy production and cognitive function.

These ingredients provide the benefits of traditional energy drinks without the sugar crash, making Aqua Lupa a smart choice for health-conscious consumers.

Drink Anytime, Anywhere

From morning to night, Aqua Lupa is a versatile beverage you can enjoy all day long. It’s the perfect companion for any social occasion, offering a flavorful, healthy alternative to both.

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