It's been 5 years since Wayward opened our Camperdown brewery and taproom, and we're celebrating with a big ol' weekender and very special limited release brew.

Our Raspberry Berliner Weisse (FKA Sourpuss) has been around since the very beginning. It's our longest standing core range beer, brewed long before sours were on trend. So, the brewers decided to double the love and bring its punters a Double Raspberry Berliner Weisse, just in time for the birthday celebrations!

Since we know our Wayward fans are dying to hear all about it, we sat down with Head Brewer Shaun Blissett to bring you the insider knowledge on RBW's history, what it means to turn 5 and all of those beer nerd details on the Double Raspberry Berliner Weisse.

What makes the Raspberry Berliner Weisse such a distinctly Wayward beer?

"When we first started brewing in Camperdown, we knew we wanted to have a sour beer in our core range. I have to give Pete [founder Peter Philip] some credit on this one. His travels throughout Europe drove the more European focused beers we had when we first started – and one of those was the Berliner Weisse. He learnt the technique of how to brew it and brewed the first kegs of it at Batch when they first opened.

Over time, as Sourpuss’ popularity grew, we took it from a smaller, homebrew scale to a large production scale. Now we brew it more than once per week and sell 1500-2000 cases on average per month, making it Wayward's best selling beer."

Is it difficult to maintain consistency with a sour beer?

"The kettle souring method [which we use] is relatively easy to do on a small scale but scaling it up took a little bit of time. We even built some of our own equipment, including kettle heaters, a timed oxygen scrubbing rig with a solenoid valve and a special mash tonne souring vessel that allows us to produce the RBW a few times per week without effecting our ales or lagers. This set up ensures it tastes consistently great every time.

The lactose strain we use in our kettle sour is also the exact same blend of lacto-cultures that we used in our first batches at Wayward. It’s not something you can just buy off the shelf, it's really unique to Wayward since day one and we love the flavour."

What made you decide to brew the Double Raspberry Berliner Weisse for Way