It's the time of year you've all been waiting for — PASSIONISTA is making its annual comeback! To celebrate, we're throwing a big ol' BERLINER WEISSE WEEKENDER, filling our bar taps with all the sours you could ask for.

Our crowd-pleasing Passionfruit & Yuzu Berliner Weisse is a light, tart wheat beer that combines the bright, tropical notes of passionfruit with the clean citrus punch of yuzu. Juicy and zingy, it's the ultimate summer thirst quencher that we guarantee you won't want to share.

But don't worry, Passionista will be in venues and bottle shops all across Australia as of this Friday, 13 November. This beer flies off the shelves, though, so be sure to grab a few tinnies (or a few cases) while you can.

While our punters wait out these last few days before Passionista hits shelves, we sat down with Head Brewer Shaun Blissett to get you even more excited for its release. Here's all the nitty-gritty you need to know about this fan-favourite beer and the Taproom's upcoming Berliner Weisse Weekender (13-15 November).

How did you come up with the idea to blend passionfruit and yuzu, and what about that combo makes Passionista so bloody delicious? "When we first brewed our passionfruit berliner weisse, we felt something was missing. It didn’t quite bring enough of the tartness that we love in the raspberry core range version. That’s when I was introduced to the ingredient yuzu. I first had this Japanese citrus in a dessert at Babyface Kitchen which is one of the best restaurants in Australia, in my opinion. Yuzu just adds this signature zing that perfectly complements the passionfruit. So our Passionfruit and Yuzu Berliner Weisse was born.

The reason we use fruit like raspberry or passionfruit is because they’re not super sweet. We're really just looking for fruit tannins and texture. And we o