Bring back those summertime vibes with Juicy Peach, the latest flavour to join the W Seltzer range of naturally brewed hard seltzers. Bursting with juicy stone fruit aroma and perfectly ripe peach flavour, this clean and crisp seltzer will bring you a dreamy taste of summer all year 'round.

These small-batch seltzers have already become the new go-to bevvie for punters across Australia, and Juicy Peach is yet another reason to take your hard seltzer game to the next level.

Head Brewer Shaun Blissett says:

"At W Seltzer, we'll keep evolving the range and frequently brew new flavours. With Juicy Peach, it felt like the right time to add a classic stone fruit to our lineup, since we currently have a tropical fruit, a citrus and a berry flavour. It just slots in nicely.

Similar to our Tropical Mango, the tinnies of Juicy Peach just burst with peach aroma. The flavour really has that 'summer in a can' vibe. We can't wait for our punters to give it a go, and we think it's set to become the new fan-favourite."

The entire W Seltzer range is designed with the hot and humid Aussie climate in mind. These easy-drinking seltzers are also brewed with all-natural ingredients and bold fruit flavours. The end result is a refreshingly different hard seltzer that's crystal clear with a dry finish. W Seltzer is also 100% gluten free, low in sugar and low in carbs. W Seltzer is now available in four thirst-quenching flavours: Juicy Peach, Classic Lime, Tropical Mango and Summer Berries.

W Seltzer's new Juicy Peach flavour will launch in venues and bottle shops around Australia as of Friday, 19 March – check out our stockist list here.

What is a brewed hard seltzer?

It's a sparkling, naturally brewed alcoholic beverage that's designed to be easy drinking with a clean, crisp finish. W Seltzer is brewed much like a beer, using a rice base and lightly hopped. It's then filtered through a carbon filtration system, stripped back to a smooth alcohol base and finished with natural fruit